Hooked on Driving October 4 2010 (2009 Pontiac G8 GT)

Autobahn was great.  This time, another co-worker came along with us and he seemed to enjoy it, right up until he had no brakes. Seems his trusty mechanic was wrong about his brake fluid being fine for the event, and his rear brake pads obviously should have been replaced. Oh well, lesson learned. This is the last HOD event for this year but they can bet we will be back next year.

On to the fun part. This time i had a little more interesting Tech with me. Rather than just having videos with questionable sound and little reference to how fast i was going, i had a new app on my phone called Trackmaster. This app would take GPS readings and log the location and speed of my car. This data can then be exported and used in RaceChrono2AVI to produce a nice little display on the videos showing the track layout, and the speeds I’m driving. With a little time and effort i was able to sync up the data nicely with The video from my GoPro HD camera.

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Hooked On Driving

Hooked On Driving started innocently enough as a Northern California club racer began inviting friends to the track to try their fun cars out in a controlled environment – away from a racing environment. That was 2001. Today, Hooked On Driving is a full-time enterprise, working hard to offer a robust schedule and mix of driving events – and is headed rapidly toward being a national presence. Why did this growth happen so quickly? We believe that we identified an under-served group of car enthusiasts, and we set about serving it!! The group? Folks with interesting cars, the spectacular sporting cars of today, the fun and quick cars of yesterday, and cars that were built for racing, with owners that are otherwise inclined. All of whom were looking for an opportunity to drive them with a group of like-minded, mature individuals who understand that driving is a blast and can be enjoyed without the risk of racing or getting tickets!