Hooked on Driving May 2nd 2011 (2009 Pontiac G8 GT)

It’s that time again. HOD season just opened up the other day and boy was it a fun day out. was a great day, sun was shining for most of it, and the number of G8 owners in attendance was higher than ever. Really great to meet new people with a similar passion for their car, and especially ones with the same car as me. Hope this trend continues and we start to see more and more people showing up at events.

Now on to the fun part. here are some videos i’ve managed to encode so far. this is the first and second sessions of the day. First run i was in the car with the coach for my group. He didn’t have much to say but the things he did say were very helpful. I wouldn’t be upset if he were assigned as my coach again.

The second session was a bit short. I went off the track and took out a cone. Pulled into the pits since they are supposed to talk with you and make sure your car is ok before you go back out. I pulled in and was waved through almost immediately. promptly went off the track again and decided that was enough for that session.

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