TST Podcast 133: Jonny Lieberman


Oh what a podcast! We left this one with hurt ribs and exhausted voice boxes.


Jonny Lieberman is one of the busiest journalists in the automotive world. He’s constantly flying here, driving there, comparing things and jumping something. He gets to drive all the pretty, expensive stuff, but isn’t jaded to the simple things in life. He loves old cars, racing lemons, and just bought his wife a Fiesta ST (which really means he bought himself a Fiesta ST.) He’s one of the coolest people in the game, with a knowledge that is humbling and enthusiasm that is inspiring.


Today, he has a lot to talk about. Motor Trend has a Dodge Challenger Hellcat loaner, Jonny is shopping for old Jaguars, and driving old Lamborghinis. We discuss the Porsche Turbo we’ve all driven, wonder how the hell the Vector came to be, hate on Chris Harris for shattering Zack and Thad’s love of the Ferrari 550, and Jonny defends daily-driving the Camaro Z28. Like we said, lots of stuff.


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