TST Podcast #169 – AJ Gordon from The Petersen Automotive Museum

This week, we’re joined by AJ Gordon of The Petersen Automotive Museum and the Car Stories podcast.  AJ came by to inform our audience that The Petersen is doing a little fundraising to help restore their 1948 Davis Divan via IndieGogo.  An admittedly strange car but nonetheless an important part of Los Angeles’ history. Matt is fresh back from announcing half mile runway racing with Shift S3ctor and he left half of his vocal chords on the track but brought back interesting knowledge about runway racing; while Chris is down for the count this week with laryngitis. In addition we cover importing Japanese Classics, the 2015 Subaru WRX STi, the possibility of a revamped Honda CRZ and a somewhat surprising comparison of the C6 Z06 vs the C7 Z06.

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Video: 2015 Audi S3 – (Snake) One Take

Last year, when I reviewed the Audi A3 at a Silicon Valley media launch that couldn’t have been more out of HBO’s Silicon Valley if TJ Miller did the ‘connectivity’ presentation. It was a fine car in top-trim, but the base version felt little more than an Audi-fied Golf. Such is the importance of drivetrain when launching a new vehicle. Which brings us to the new S3; a pretty little sedan roughly the size of the 1999-2002 “B5″ S4, but with a Golf R’s drivetrain. There is a lot to like here, but better to demonstrate as I go for a first-light Snake run in the S3. 

Video: Modified VW Jetta GLI DSG – (Decker Canyon) One Take

This is the Jetta GLI, and most wouldn’t give it a second look. But it’s really just a roomier, bigger GTI with a Jetta body on it. You see, unlike other Jettas, the GLI comes with the suspension setup from the GTI, including the multilink rear suspension, making it not only a good handler, but a practical, tunable sleeper. Let’s take a look at what John has done to his GLI.

If you want to see the specific modifications to John’s car, check out his WheelWell page! 

TST Podcast #168 – Patriots Day

In this episode of The Smoking Tire Podcast, we celebrate the national holiday 4/20 by staying stone-cold sober (as is implied with our network agreement), Matt drove the Mercedes C63S Across Germany and Belgium, Zack and Thad took the Million-Mile Lexus to San Francisco, we drove the Audi S3 and A3 Cabrio, and we’re surprisingly excited about a possible return of Kimmy Gibler. Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse joins us in studio to talk about his beater Ford truck.

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