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Now that LG has shown us the G5 and "Friends," it is Samsung's turn to take the stage at Mobile World Congress 2016. If last year's event in Barcelona is any indication, all signs point toward the Korean company prepping to reveal the Galaxy S7 and S…

Kalamazoo shooter picked up Uber fares between killings

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Jason Dalton, the man police have identified as their only suspect in the Kalamazoo rampage that left six dead and two more seriously injured, was an Uber driver who picked up fares in between shootings.

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Dubbed the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), NASA’s new telescope will help us study how dark energy and dark matter has affected the evolution of our universe.

It will also, according to NASA, help researchers seek out new candidates like Earth when it launches in the 2020s. NASA says this new telescope will use a wide-field instrument for surveys, and a coronagraph instrument that will block the glare of individual stars. By blocking glare, the coronagraph will possess the ability to measure the chemical makeup of planetary atmospheres, making it easier for scientists to understand the origin of these far away worlds.