Tesla’s big Autopilot update reaches a handful of cars

Tesla didn't roll out its Enhanced Autopilot in mid-December as initially reported, but it is giving drivers something right before 2016 comes to a close. Elon Musk has revealed that the new Autopilot software is reaching about 1,000 HW2-era (that is…

Winners For First Steam Awards Revealed

Did any of you guys even vote? While the categories tried to be new and creative, the winners are largely what you’d expect.

…it turns out that that Steam users really like Valve games. Also Grand Theft Auto V. Of course, not all of Valve’s games managed to win. Dota 2 lost to Dark Souls III in the “Love/Hate” category, and Team Fortress 2 was passed over in favor of Skyrim for games that have stood the “Test of Time.” Scanning over the data for some of the most active games on Steam reveals a list not entirely dissimilar from the one above, except with games like Rocket League and Football Manager 2017 conspicuously absent.


Six drones that do good for people and the planet

When the general public first learned about drones, the context was largely related to military applications and spy tactics, so the unmanned aircraft were cast with a bad rap. Years later, a number of creative technologists have found ways to use dr…

Samsung Will Launch Wireless In-Ear Headphones With The Galaxy S8

This isn’t difficult to believe, as the company already has a foundation there with their Gear IconX. It’s funny to see people accuse them of copying Apple’s AirPods, when Samsung had their own version out since June.

Samsung will launch new wireless in-ear headphones alongside the Galaxy S8. We’re not sure whether they would be bundled along with the smartphone or sold separately, but Samsung is surely looking to put out a product that competes with Apple’s AirPods. Whether or not these new headphones feature Harman audio remains to be seen. We wish that Samsung sticks with a 3.5mm headphone jack for the Galaxy S8. We reviewed the Gear IconX, Samsung’s first completely wireless headphones, and found that it was a great concept but nowhere near an ideal solution to replace wired headphones.


Amazon Alexa May Be A Witness To Murder

Authorities have forced Amazon to release data from an Echo device that may provide more insight and potential evidence regarding a murder in Arkansas. While the company complied, it isn’t known yet whether anything relevant was obtained, with the case not having gone to trial yet. But what is more interesting is how this could provide new information on how Amazon’s devices truly intercept and store audio.

Bentonville Police investigators determined that Collins had died after a fight, while being strangled and held underwater—and that Bates was the only person at the scene at the time. Now investigators have reportedly served a search warrant to Amazon in hopes of getting testimony from a possible witness: the Amazon Echo that was streaming music near the hot tub when they arrived at the scene. The police were immediately suspicious when they found that the water of the hot tub was tinted red and that Collins had injuries suggesting a struggle—including cuts on an eyelid, a bloodied nose, and swollen lips. There were signs of blood on the sides of the hot tub and on the patio around it and evidence that the tub and the patio had been hosed down to remove the blood.


South Korea may change EV incentive rule that hurts Tesla

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Country’s rule necessitating 10-hour maximum charging time may be eliminated next year.

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New Tool Downloads Any Netflix Video Instantly

Gee, wonder what Netflix thinks about this? The big thing, I think, is that it actually lets you convert the downloaded files and keep them indefinitely.

…it is the first Windows application that allows people to download Netflix videos to their computers through an easy-to-use interface. After logging in to Netflix, users simply enter the video URL and ‘Free Netflix Downloader’ then downloads any video in a few minutes. The tool also offers the option to convert the output files to AVI, MP3, or a version optimized for iPhone and iPad. “This is the ONLY app in the world that can do this trick now!” DVDVideoSoft’s Alex informs TF. The software supports multiple downloads at the same time and according to the developer, it is ideal for people who have slow Internet connections, among other things.


Android Customers Are So Committed That Exploding Note 7 Did Little To Help Apple

Well, it’s not like the Note 7 was the only Android phone you could buy. Why would anyone jump to an entirely different ecosystem just because one model was faulty?

Despite Apple’s continued commanding lead in holiday sales of smartphones and tablets, however, the numbers suggested Apple’s share was lower and Samsung’s was slightly higher from last year. Attempting to explain the trends shown in the data, NPD analyst Stephen Baker told The Wall Street Journal he believes that Android loyalists are committed, and even dangerous exploding batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 were not enough to push significant numbers of customers over to the iPhone. “Most of those who bought or wanted to buy a Note 7 opted for a different high-end Galaxy phone,” Baker said.