be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Air Cooler Review

be quiet! has quietly made a name for itself in the CPU air cooling business over the years and now demands a very solid following of fans and users. It may surprise you to know, that be quiet!’s claim to fame is…wait for it…being quiet. That however is not usually our main concern when it comes to cooling, which is…wait for it…cooling.

AMD 7nm Zen 2 CPUs Sampling This Year for 2019 Volume Launch

Comments made by Lisa Su during a recent earnings call suggest that 7nm Zen 2 CPUs will not fall victim to a paper launch and see wide availability next year, as sampling has already begun. AMD has tasked both TSMC and GLOBALFOUNDRIES for their 7nm lineup, which will include samples of a 7nm GPU based on Vega and 7nm server CPU later this year.

“We have a 7nm GPU based on Vega that we’ll sample later this year. We have a 7nm server CPU that we’ll sample later this year. And then, obviously, we have a number of products that are planned for 2019 as well. So it’s a very, very busy product season for us. But we’re pleased with the sort of the execution on the product roadmap,” Dr. Su said.


Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources has triggered environmentalists after approving a plan that will allow Foxconn to drain 7 million gallons of water a day from Lake Michigan to produce LCD screens. While some portion of that water will be returned to the lake (the rest will be gone due to evaporation), some fear that it will be contaminated with metal particles.

Environmentalists are also concerned that the decision will set a new precedent allowing the fresh water to be used for predominantly commercial purposes, instead of as drinking water. “If we allow this to happen, it’s going to happen all over the basin, with other states and then it’s going to be the thirsty states and nations to come,” said Jennifer Giegerich, the government affairs director for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.


PETA Criticizes Far Cry 5 for Fishing

The German branch of PETA has condemned Far Cry 5 for allowing players to hunt and kill fish. In a statement published on its website, the animal rights organization explains that fish are intelligent creatures capable of experiencing pain and urges Ubisoft to stop developing games that glorify the killing of such animals.

PETA now appeals to the German representation of the game developer, the Ubisoft GmbH in Dusseldorf, in the future no longer to market video games in Germany, glorifying and banalizing the hunting and killing of fish or other animals. The animal rights organization proposes instead to develop games with free-living animals that do not glorify killing as a pastime.