Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed

Ryan Shrout over at PC Perspective are taking the new Logitech G513 Carbon mechanical gaming keyboard for a spin. The G513 Carbon has exclusive linear Romer-G switches, and in my opinion, some very good looks. Oh and of course all the RGB frag harder disco lights one can stuff into a keyboard. But is it worth $150?

Finally, we come to the big selling point of the G513 Carbon, the new Romer-G linear switches. These switches carry through all of the positive qualities of the tactile switch, sans the “bump” indicating when you’ve triggered a character. This includes the higher actuation point and shorter overall travel distance of 1.5mm and 3.2mm respectively, as well as the 45g of pressure required to actuate (for those keeping score, that’s 25% faster actuations than a standard MX-style switch). Compared to the prior generation of Romer-Gs, this puts them much closer to a standard Cherry MX Red – or even better, Cherry MX Silent Red.