Intellivision Announces New Console

In news that no one expected, benzinga is reporting that Intellivision is going to release a new family video game console. Industry veteran Tommy Tallarico has been named President of Intellivision Entertainment, and is bringing with him original Intellivision team members to create the new console. While the new system is yet to be named, details will be released on October 1st, and the first 100,000 people who subscribe to updates at will get the opportunity to purchase a unique, limited edition version of the console that will not be available in stores.

I was never an Intellivision guy, went from Atari to NES, to Genesis to PC, with a smattering of other consoles here and there since. It’s very cool that they are wanting to stay to their roots, as well as bringing back original team members. Hopefully they will bring some original ideas with them.

“I grew up playing Intellivision with my parents and younger brother,” says Tallarico. “It was always my favorite system because the games were cutting edge, yet fun and simple to play so our entire family could enjoy them together. I find those important elements to generally be lacking from our industry with the current modern gaming consoles. Our goal is to change that by focusing on bringing all age groups and levels of gamers and non-gamers together while introducing new generations of people to the legacy success of the Intellivision brand.”


Beijing Security Fair – For Security Spying

When you think of a “security fair,” you likely think of an event that is based around things being more secure for you. In China, a security fair seems to be all about you having less security from all sort of surveillance on you. It is called the China International Exhibition on Police Equipment. This is a fairly long read over on Reuters, but let me give you some excerpts from the article to give you an idea what is going on, on the other side of the globe, but will assuredly be delivered to us here in the USA in some form or another soon.

The China International Exhibition on Police Equipment is something of a one-stop shop for China’s police forces looking to arm up with the latest in “black tech” – a term widely used to refer to cutting-edge surveillance gadgets.

It can crack your smartphone password in seconds, rip personal data from call and messaging apps, and peruse your contact book.

Beijing-based Hisign Technology said its desktop and portable phone scanners can retrieve even deleted data from over 90 mobile applications on smart phones, including overseas platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

“We are actually using these kinds of scanners in Xinjiang already, but I am interested in this one as it claims to be more successful with iOS phones than other brands,” said the policeman, surnamed Gu, who traveled 3,000 kilometers to attend the fair. He declined to provide his given name.

The robot, shaped like R2-D2 from “Star Wars”, but with red flashing “ears” and over a dozen sensors and cameras, can identify people in a crowd, engage in conversations and broadcast police announcements.

The Ministry of Public Security, which hosted the Beijing fair, did not respond to a request for comment.


AMD Ryzen 2700 CPU on Sale at Ebay-Newegg

I just got done building all the graphs for our AMD Ryzen 2700 review, which will be up shortly. Newegg has the Ryzen 7 2700 for sale over on Ebay for $255, which is selling elsewhere for $290. The 2700X sells for $320. Not to give away our results from our Ryzen 2700 testing, but if you are going to be using high end cooling and overclocking your Ryzen, the 2700 looks to be a very good deal at $255. If you are going to be using mid to low-end or stock cooling, the 2700X is still the way to go and just rely on Precision Boost 2.


SHOCKER – Free VPNs Sell Your Data

In this edition of You Get What You Pay For, The Next Web points out that the EU’s new GDPR laws are uncovering a lot of services and what they are doing with you data. Most notable, free VPN services which are mostly used to protect user privacy, seem to be an ugly offender when it comes to selling your data. I know, you are shocked that a free VPN would have business model based on you and your data.

It was recently revealed that contrary to claims on their websites, 26 of the 117 most popular VPN services log user data despite touting contrary claims in their marketing. That revelation will seem tame compared to findings on how free VPNs operate: many openly and brazenly share/sell user data.


SemiAccurate Says Intel 10nm Launch a PR Stunt

Charlie Demerjian always has an interesting opinion to share, and today is no different. Charlie is suggesting that Intel’s recent 10nm “launch” is simply a PR stunt to save its stock price. I highly suggest going over and giving his supporting hypothesis a read as he has put together a very good article. Is a 10nm part that only half works a testament to moving production to the process in the future, or is it broken as he suggests?

This is entirely consistent with what SemiAccurate has been telling you for years now about the problems with the 10nm process, it was broken then, is broken now, and will be broken for far longer than Intel is admitting to. And they know it.


Valve Removes Active Shooter

Valve has removed the Active Shooter game from its Steam Store which we talked about here last week. As is reported by Variety, Valve had many more reasons to pull the title rather than just the social outrage du jour. Thanks @cageymaru.

“This developer and publisher is, in fact, a person calling himself Ata Berdiyev, who had previously been removed last fall when he was operating as ‘[bc]Interactive’ and ‘Elusive Team,'” Valve said. “Ata is a troll, with a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation. His subsequent return under new business names was a fact that came to light as we investigated the controversy around his upcoming title. We are not going to do business with people who act like this towards our customers or Valve.”


Russia Hates Telegram on the Apple App Store

The Russian Government went all crazy on Telegram Messenger back in April, blocking almost 2M IP addresses associates with its application. Now the Hacker News tells us that Russia’s Communications Regulator, Roskomnadzor, “has threatened Apple to face the consequences if the company does not remove secure messaging app Telegram from its App Store.” The report on the Russian Govt. site the article refers to is not reachable any longer. It will be interesting to see if this is true at all, and if so, what becomes of it. Apple has a history of telling the US Govt. to stuff it when it comes to its customers’ privacy, what will be Apple’s play in Russia?

So in an effort to entirely ban Telegram, state watchdog Roskomnadzor reportedly sent a legally binding letter to Apple asking it to remove the app from its Russian App Store and block it from sending push notifications to local users who have already downloaded the app.


FCC Looks to Amazon and Ebay for Help

While Amazon and Ebay have been making efforts to put down loaded Kodi box sales in the recent past, the FCC is now asking for something a bit different. Some Kodi box are now displaying FCC logos, and you guessed it, the FCC is not good with that. Interestingly, the FCC has nothing to do with copyright infringement enforcement. Thanks @cageymaru.

FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly has written to the heads of Amazon and eBay with a request to eliminate sales of pirate media boxes which illegally display the FCC compliance logo. In a letter to Devin Wenig and Jeff Bezos, O’Rielly seeks the total removal of such devices, noting that their fraudulent labeling is exacerbated by the effect they have on the entertainment industries.


Solving Problems that Don’t Need to be Solved

California is rolling out a digital license plate to take the place of metal license plates on cars. Don’t worry though, when it gets stolen, it has a tracking device in it to send out a search party to go find it. And of course that tracking device would never be used by the state to monitor your location. These $700 license plates, will surely be heralded for saving postage however. California still requires two plates on your car, so to bask in all the savings and convenience, you will need to fork out $1400 for both plates, but the savings does not stop there. There is also a $7 monthly service fee. I don’t know, but something tells me this is more about tracking vehicles, than about savings and convenience. And of course every little fender bender is apt to leave your car without a plate that can be read as well, but surely you would not be ticketed for no plate while waiting for your new one to show up. But the plates can show advertising while the car is parked, so there’s that. Thanks @cageymaru.

A company named Reviver Auto makes and sells these R Plate Pro tags. It has yet to be determined who his brother-in-law in the California government is.

Under the pilot program rules, the state can allow up to one-half of 1 percent of the state’s 35 million vehicles — or about 175,000 vehicles — to use the plates during the test period.