Universal debuts a vinyl buying service based on SMS recommendations

It isn't hard to find vinyl subscription services these days. All it takes is a scroll through your Facebook News Feed and you're bound to stumble across at least a few. While outfits like Turntable Lab and Vinyl Me, Please offer exclusive reissues (…

Technics’ SP-10R is its latest high-end throwback turntable

If you thought Technic's SL-1200 reissue was expensive, you haven't seen anything yet. Meet the SP-10R. Technics calls the throwback deck its "most premium turntable ever" and its 7kg (almost 15.5 pounds) brass, rubber and aluminum platter drives tha…

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Spotify Sweats Over
Bandwidth Problem as
Labels Vie for
Playlist Spots
Andy Gensler ,

Spotify was forced to defend itself against allegations it uses fake artists to cut costs last week, but the streaming service is facing another playli…

Trent Reznor blows dust off the ‘Quake’ score for vinyl reissue

Quake was a groundbreaking game in a number of ways, and that included its soundtrack — id Software scored a coup when it got Nine Inch Nails (technically, Trent Reznor) to score the grim first-person shooter. Until now, though, listening to that s…